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Mira Laime
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Mike Sampson
• 3/23/2016


Does the scream series really needs to be seperated from the movie franchise or the wikia itself? I believe that creating another wikia just for the series is for me irrelevant. For it only adds etra work for the editors here. Instead of Collaborating for a better (Main) Screams Wikia which is and from what i've seen editors there have started a page about the series. So yeah give this a lot of thinking. :)

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Mike Sampson
• 6/14/2016
You're an ass.
• 6/29/2016

^I'm so sorry about that above response. The user has been banned globally. As for your question, we like to think of this wiki as more of a companion wiki to the movies one rather than an entirely separate community. Here, we focus specifically on the series, while the movies wiki has to focus on both subjects. It gives us a chance to be more of a TV show wikia while the other was already laid out as a films wiki. Make sense? Lol. But I myself still use both wikis for editing. :)

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