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Bex Taylor-Klaus (born August 12, 1994) is the actress who portrays the role of Audrey Jensen.


Bex Taylor-Klaus was born and raised in Atlanta, GA. She started acting during third grade in an after-school program that introduced young students to the works of Shakespeare. Throughout high school Bex was a member of the varsity softball team and improv troupe. She also worked with friends to create a program to train young actors.

At eighteen, she moved to Los Angeles to begin her professional acting career while simultaneously finishing high school. Bex came to national attention in her portrayal of the character "Bullet" on the AMC television series “The Killing.” She followed that with memorable recurring roles on the CW's “Arrow” and Showtime's “House of Lies.”

Bex is having the time of her life, fulfilling her dreams and doing the work that she loves. When not working, Bex loves to hang out with her siblings, both real and "by choice”.