Carlson Young is the actress who portrays the role of Brooke Maddox.


Carlson Young seemed destined for a career in entertainment. After blindly submitting herself to an agent and immediately being signed, she moved out to Los Angeles and has been working ever since. When she’s not studying creative writing at the University of Southern California, Young is making a big impression with roles on both the silver screen and the small screen.

Young took SxSW by storm last year with a starring role as Angela Yearwood in the comical, honest, and endearing comedy PREMATURE, which opened the 2014 SxSW Festival. On television, Young has been a fixture in funny circles for years, guest-starring on shows like “Key & Peele,” as well as appearances on “The League,” and “The Kroll Show.” While continuing to hone her comedy chops, Young doesn’t shy away from her chance to explore more dramatic roles, including the challenging and complicated role of Charlie, in the Sean Brosnan- directed short film, “The Kid.”

She currently resides in Los Angeles with her cat, Francis, and is continuing to live up to her high school senior prediction, “Most Likely to be Famous!...and to end up a crazy cat lady convinced she’s living in Middle Earth.”