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Amelia Rose Blaire
Amadeus Serafini
Mike Vaughn (voice)
Stanton Barrett (stunts)

The Lakewood Slasher is the main antagonist of MTV's Scream.

Ghostface is voiced by Mike Vaughn and physically portrayed by Amelia Rose Blaire and Amadeus Serafini.



Piper Shaw was born to Maggie Anderson and Brandon James, the famed serial killer of Lakewood. Not wanting to raise the accidental child, Maggie abandoned Piper and started a new family. At some point in time, Piper met Kieran Wilcox, who had similar issues as her, and together they planned their revenge. Piper began hosting a podcast, while Kieran moved back to Lakewood with his father and their plan was set in motion.

Season 1Edit


Piper breaks into Nina Patterson's house and texts her numerous text messages and Snapchat images. Piper slashes across Nina's back then slices her neck open and tosses her body into the swimming pool. She also murders Tyler O'Neill by decapitating him and throwing his head into the hot tub with Nina.

Later, Piper calls Emma Duval.

Hello, Emma

Kieran calls Rachel Murray using a voice disguiser to make them sound like Audrey Jensen. He lures Rachel onto the balcony and wraps a noose around her neck and throws her off, killing her. He then ties her to the ceiling fan in an attempt to make it look like a suicide.


Emma goes to the dock, where Ghostface has Maggie tied up. Emma starts to untie her and she warns Emma that Ghostface is behind them. Ghostface approaches them and removes their mask. They lift up their mask to reveal Piper Shaw underneath. Piper explains that she is Brandon James' daughter and wants revenge on Maggie for making him look like the monster. She says that killing Emma's friends was just to make her suffer. Piper and Emma fight before finally Audrey arrives and shoots Piper into the lake. They embrace one another, as Piper arises from the lake unnoticed until Emma turns around and shoots her in the face, stating that they always come back.

Later, Noah notes that Piper and Will were actually attacked by Ghostface, leading him to question who was wearing the disguise that night, as Will had confirmed Piper's story. At the same time, we see that Audrey had actually been in communication with Piper and burns the letters from her, implying that Audrey was the other Ghostface.

Season 2Edit

I Know What You Did Last Summer

Kieran fully enters the picture and Noah believes the new Ghostface, whom he only knows as an internet troll, was Piper's accomplice. Kieran taunts Audrey about her connection with Piper and also kills Jake.

Physical AppearanceEdit

The physical appearance of the Ghostface mantle consists of a "darker, more organic mask" compared to the one worn by the original Ghostface. The mask was originally worn by Brandon James when he killed five high school students on the night of October 31st, 1994. Additionally, Ghostface wears a black hooded, military-style poncho, black pants, gloves and combat boots.


Here is a chronological list of people killed by someone using the Ghostface mantle and how they were killed.

Season 1Edit

Season 2Edit

Identities & MotivesEdit


Piper is revealed to be Ghostface

Piper Shaw - Season 1Edit

Motive: Piper was seeking revenge on the mother who put her up for adoption and her half-sister, who claimed the life that Piper never had. She also wanted revenge for the death of her father, which she claimed that her mother was responsible for his death, since she abandoned him for the sake of her well-being.  


Kieran as Ghostface

Kieran Wilcox - Season 1-2Edit

Kieran is revealed to be the accomplice and lover of Piper Shaw. They joined forces because they were both angry at their parents. Kieran was assisted by Haley Meyers and revealed in the second season finale, at which point he is sent to prison.

Audrey Jensen - Season 2Edit

In the final minutes of the Season 1 finale, Revelations, it is revealed that Audrey is somehow connected to Piper. She uses the Ghostface mantle to keep Eddie Krueger from revealing her identity by using the voice to frighten him and later dons the costume to fake kidnap Noah. However, she reveals that she was not Piper's accomplice. She simply brought Piper to Lakewood.

Third Killer - Season 2Edit

After his reveal, Kieran is arrested and taken to prison. Someone using Lakewood Slasher's disguiser call him asking who told him he could wear their mask. After Kieran's trial, the latter along with guard are murdered by this killer.


Buck 120Edit

Ghostface (or The Lakewood Slasher) uses a Buck 120 hunting knife. The person behind the mantle uses the knife to stab, gut, and slit their victims' throats, while some victims are killed by other means.

Voice ChangerEdit

Ghostface uses a Voice Changer to conceal the voice of their true identity. An advantage of using it is that this voice changer mimic the voices of other people that can be used to manipulate different people, making them vulnerable for murder.


Ghostface uses a smartphone to contact multiple people, typically right before killing them or simply just to gloat. Their smartphone is protected by malware which is extremely hard to hack into, making Ghostface's identity and location incognito. 


  • Ghostface's original name was going to be Hush, as can be seen in various behind-the-scenes stills. The name was changed back to Ghostface as a homage to its predecessor from the Scream film series.
    • Also, Ghostface's mask was originally going to be made from human flesh, this can vaguely be seen in promotional teasers. When the pilot was finished, the mask had to be redesigned and digitally altered to include the current white mask. According to executive producer Jill Blotevogel, the newer mask evokes the hockey mask worn by Jason in Friday the 13th, Michael Myers' mask as well as the original Ghostface mask.
  • Ghostface does not harm or kill domestic animals, evident when they kill Nina Patterson but leaves her Pomerainian Sage alive.
  • Ghostface is Emma Duval's arch-nemesis, mirroring how the original Ghostface was Sidney Prescott's arch-nemesis in the film series.
  • Emma Duval was unmasked as Ghostface in her own dream.
  • According to Jill E. Blotevogel, they changed this mask from the original one, as they felt that the film "Scary Movie" had made a joke of the original due to the comedic way it presents it.
  • A new Ghostface is the main antagonist for Season 2 and is believed by Noah to be Piper's Accomplice.