Season 1 Edit

  1. Tyler O'Neill - Decapitated (off-screen)
  2. Nina Patterson - Back sliced; throat slit open
  3. Rachel Murray - Thrown over balcony; hanged from noose; neck snapped
  4. Riley Marra - Stabbed twice in back; leg sliced; massive blood loss
  5. Will Belmont - Head split in half by tractor saw (off-screen)
  6. Deputy Roberts - Stabbed multiple times in stomach (off-screen)
  7. Clark Hudson - Tied to a tree; gutted
  8. Grayson - Throat slit (off-screen)
  9. Piper Shaw - Shot in chest by Audrey; shot in head by Emma

Season 2 Edit

  1. Jake Fitzgerald - Stomach sliced vertically with sycthe
  2. Eddie Krueger - Hit over head with wine bottle; stabbed 5 times in back; stabbed in neck with corkscrew
  3. Seth Branson - Hand sliced off; stabbed in stomach; burned alive in house fire
  4. Haley Meyers - Stabbed in chest; stabbed 11 times in chest/abdomen