Riley Marra
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Riley Marra





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High School Student


Riles (by Brooke Maddox)


Noah Foster (Love Interest)


Noah Foster
Emma Duval
Tyler O'Neill
Brooke Maddox
Will Belmont
Jake Fitzgerald
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Cause of Death:

Massive blood loss

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Wanna Play a Game?

Portrayed By:

Brianne Tju

Riley Marra is a character on MTV's Scream. She is portrayed by Brianne Tju.

Riley is a member of Nina Patterson's crew who befriends Noah Foster, due to their mutual fascinations, namely the murders. But this doesn't work out well for Riley, who falls victim to the killing spree.


16, a gorgeous “ditz” who may be deeper, smarter and have more eclectic interests than is first apparent, Riley is a member in good standing of the popular group that includes Brooke, Will, Emma and Jake. Unlike the classic popular kids, Riley doesn’t mind going beyond the clique if she finds someone whom she connects with.


The Killer challenges Emma to a dangerous game and forces her to choose for either the good girl (Riley) or bad girl (Brooke) to die. Emma thinking Riley was safe at the station unintentionally told the Killer not to hurt Brooke. The Killer then lures Riley outside the station by tricking Riley into thinking that he is Tyler. When she arrives, she texts the killer, "Where are you?". He responds with "RIGHT HERE" and comes up behind her and strikes her in the face and then begins chasing her down to an ally as she screams for help. Riley runs all the way down it and starts to bang at the gate at the end of the alley pleading for help. She turns around and sees a ladder and starts to climb it. The killer then stabs her in the back, but she continues to climb. He then stabs her in the back again and slices her leg which hits an artery. She manages to make it to the roof, and starts to bang on a window at a janitor inside the station but he cannot hear her due to his music. Noah then calls her and realizes that she is dying. He asks what she sees and her last words were "I can see our stars" before bleeding to death. Right underneath her, Emma hears her phone and rushes to the roof to find her friend dead and cries over having chosen Riley over Brooke to be killed.


  • She was born in 1998.