The Popular Crowd is a bunch of popular students of George Washington High School.

Members Edit

Descriptions Edit

  1. Emma Duval - The Peacmaker/Good Girl of the Popular Group.
  2. Will Belmont - The Dumb Jock of the group and Emma's boyfriend.
  3. Jake Fitzgerald - The Pranking Jock and Will's best friend/wing-man.
  4. Riley Marra - The Smart Girl who is very clique.
  5. Brooke Maddox - The Rich Slut who is dating Jake (before his death in Season 2) and Seth Branson.
  6. Nina Patterson - The Mean-Girl Queen Bee who filmed and uploaded a viral video of Audrey Jensen and Rachel Murray making out. On that same night, Nina is murdered.
  7. Tyler O'Neill - The Bad Tech-Savvy Boy who helps Nina upload the video. As a result, he is the first victim to die as well as Nina.