Third Killer
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Kieran Wilcox (former ally)


Kieran Wilcox


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First appearance:

When a Stranger Calls

Portrayed By:

Mike Vaughn (voice)
Alec Rayme (stunts)

The Third Killer is the third Lakewood Slasher. It was initially believed that the Third Killer would be the primary villain for the third season, however it was later revealed that Season 3 would feature a Reboot.


Season 2Edit

When a Stranger Calls

Kieran Wilcox is revealed to be the accomplice to Piper Shaw and the second killer. He is arrested for his crimes and taken to prison. One of the prison guards comes in to inform Kieran that his lawyer is calling. Kieran answers and someone uses the Lakewood Slasher voice disguiser replies, asking Kieran who told him he could wear their mask, implying that it is Brandon James.

Halloween Special

The Killer sneaks in courthouse through ventilation and brutally murders Kieran's guard by snapping his neck in 180 degrees. They let Kieran out and confront him. Kieran says: "All right. You kept your word. So you gonna tell me who you are?". They respond by slicing his throat open. Kieran attempts to crawl toward guard's gun but the killer pins him down, stabs him in back of neck and twists it. They then turns Kieran's corpse as it continues bleeds profusely.

Physical AppearanceEdit

This third killer wears the same costume as Piper and Kieran.




  • It was revealed by the writers that this killer was possibly involved in one of Season 2's murders.
  • After When a Stranger Calls, writers just knew reason why the killer talked to Kieran.
    • It was revealed that the reason is tied into the complete history and fabric of the town.
  • Amadeus Serafini stated during interview with TVLINE: I’m inclined to think it’s someone saying they’re Brandon James.
  • It was confirmed by writers that this killer is not Kieran's accomplice, yet Michael Gans added: There’s a way they could be connected beyond he or she being accomplice, if that makes any sense.
  • With a reboot underway, it is unclear if their identity will ever be divulged.